2hats on Unpaid Internships

We spoke to Shubham Kedia from 2hats, an organisation with a passion for helping "people get where they needed to be". Founded in 2017, they have worked with groups of interns to help them find intern placement. 2hats, aim to grow the leaders of tomorrow through guiding students to their passions and aspirations before they enter … Continue reading 2hats on Unpaid Internships

unpaid internships

[Infographic] An Informed Intern Toolkit

Our friends at Wage Advocate have created this simple infographic, which contains all the hard facts that you need to know about unpaid internships. To learn more about how to spot an unlawful internship, check out this blog. To know more about the alternatives to applying for an unpaid internship, this blog might help. To … Continue reading [Infographic] An Informed Intern Toolkit