3 Do’s: How To Be The Best Intern Candidate

Often, recruiters want to find the next ‘superstar’ of their company. Taken from experience and research, this blog is designed to help you be that type of paid intern candidate who employers favour!

1. Do: Research About The Company

To stand out as an applicant, you should know as much information about the company you are interviewing for as possible. Look for information through a variety of sources – the company’s website, LinkedIn, or even email the HR team of the company. Some of the information you should know can include:
– The current industry your company is in
– The company’s mission and values
– The type of skills they are looking for in an intern

2. Do: Revamp your portfolio

Your portfolio does not only contain your past work – it is actually a compilation of your resume, cover letter, and past experience. Some good tips are to make your resume concise and your cover letter tailored to the company.
– Your resume should be an outline of your skills, experience (both work and academic) and contact details. It should not be longer than one A4 page.
– Your actual portfolio of work should have the best work you have produced, even if it was a group project at university.

3. Do: Demonstrate your work ethic

Employers always want an intern with a strong work ethic – after all, it’s something that can benefit the company immensely. So, it’s extremely important that you can showcase this, either in your portfolio or interview. Give them examples on your past life or work experience – tell a story! Show them that you are willing to learn and adapt to any environment, are comfortable with receiving feedback and proactive to complete any tasks.

With Care,


Source: Under Cover Recruiter, https://theundercoverrecruiter.com/best-worst-intern-candidates/




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