How Is Work Experience Beneficial for your Career?

The reality is that as a graduate in today’s society, a university degree, or Tafe certificate is not enough. Once you graduate from university or Tafe you are catapulted into the diverse, competitive and busy world of job seeking. Similarly, to every other graduate out there, you have a degree and a world of knowledge about the industry and jobs within that. However, unfortunately, as many graduates have learned…

It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. 

One of the most useful and effective means of gaining the edge on fellow graduates is work experience. This may come in the form of an internship, a cadetship or work placement. We know that no one enjoys working for free, especially when you are drowning in multiple assignments, readings, lectures, tutorials, jobs and whatever other responsibilities you juggle on a daily basis. However, work experience is expected of a University, College and Tafe graduate.

Additionally, not only does work experience in your chosen field give you an edge over your competition, but it can also assist you in discovering your dream career path. For example, you may decide that you absolutely hate coding or campaign pitching. In turn, you may also discover that you love writing, or creating content on a social media platform. This invaluable knowledge can only be gained once you experience what it is like to work in the industry.

Another incredibly beneficial outcome of work experience is networking. There is no better way to meet an industry insider than working alongside them. Most interns would agree that this is the most important and beneficial aspect of work experience. Impressing an industry insider with your knowledge and skills will definitely have beneficial outcomes when you are later looking for a job in your chosen career.

Important points to remember…

  • It’s not what about you know, it’s about who you know
  • Work experience gives you an edge over other graduates
  • It can help you decide what aspects you do like and don’t like in the industry
  • Is a perfect environment for networking and showing off your skills

Let us know what you think about the benefits of work experience in landing a job!

With Care,


(A member of the Informed Interns Team).


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